Waste Water Wastewater is exactly that - wastewater. It is the waste from many different sources including toilet waste (sewage), industrial waste, commercial waste, rainwater runoff etc. The majority (>95%) of this waste is actually water and is used to carry the waste through the sewer network.

The wastewater enters the plant containing high amounts of BOD, COD, Nutrients and Solids and as it passes through the wastewater treatment plant, all these are removed to leave a treated effluent similar to the photo here. This is then discharged to the nearest water body, usually either the sea or river in Ireland.

Our experience with sampling and analysing wastewater treatment plant has enabled us to work for very large blue chip clients and local authorites. We have carried out the tested of the influents and effluents from these plants and given advice to our clients on potential issues as to why or why not the treated plant is working.

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