Wastewater Survey

Wastewater Thumbnail0In this project, The Water Lab were commissioned to carry out continous analysis of influent and effluent from wastewater treatment plants for a private company. As part of this project, The Water Lab would present the findings of their analysis on a monthly basis to the company and provide guidnace on the treatment efficiency of their treatment plant.

The samples when received into the laboratory are analysed for a number of key parameters including cBOD, COD, pH, Suspended Solids, Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorous and Ammonia.


All samples when received into the laboratory undergo meticulous analysis to determine the exact quantities of these parameters present within the representative sample.iStock 000012743129XSmall Thumbnail0


Samples are analysed in strict accordance with the Standard Methods procedures to ensure the integrity of the sample and thus reliability of the test result.


There is regular contact between The Water Lab and the client regarding the results of the analysis and this dialogue assists in ensuring that the client operates an ever improving and more efficient treatement plant.

The Water Lab were commissioned for this project due to their experience in wastewater analysis, relaibility of their staff and quality systems in place within the laboratory.

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The end result of this project is a cleaner wastewater effluent which means less nutrients in the receiving waters and a healthier water body.

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