Chlorination is the process of using a highly concentrated solution of chlorine to disinfect and kill any microbiological life that may be present in a water body.

Usually this is carried out after a section of pipework carrying mains drinking water has been removed from service and is being put into service or is being used for the first time. The reason the pipe has to be chlorinated is so that any microbes within the pipe do not contaminate the water supply and pose a threat to those who are consuming the water.

We at the Water Lab can carry out full scale chlorination of the water mains by dosing with our special mix, leaving it for a period and then returning to measure Total Coliforms, E-Coli, Total Chlorine and Residual Chlorine. This thorough analysis regime ensures that there is sufficient chlorine present in the water supply after any chlorine is consumed in the degrading of organic matter and destroying of bugs.

We can also ensure that no damage is caused to local waterways by neutralising the water in the pipe using another special chemical mix, before it is discharged.

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